Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Business is booming.

Well here we are again it seems. When I last posted about On Writing, I ended with the line let's get down to business in an attempt to sound cool and mysterious. Well I liked it so much that I decided to make it the theme of all my On Writing posts. But more than that, the theme of business fits with this story (or so I feel, feel free to disagree, I'd actually enjoy it) because the further I read, the more I understand exactly what business King is trying to explain. Archaeology. His take on writing stories being like unearthing fossils is on the same level of freaking-coolness as the whole books = telepathy bit in the What Writing Is section. As for vocab and grammar being on the top shelf of our toolbox, let's just say I was one of those kids in 10th grade English who understood grammar (any Shoemakers out there?). But I think what I like most about this section is the character development/description usage part. Here is where King takes two very difficult processes and simplifies them. And as characters are coming to life and doing things of their own accord and our minds are lazily stretching out into areas of thought previously unexplored, King maintains that although you should try to please some readers, Don't be afraid to... screw around basically. Go nuts, do whatever the hell you want, then sit back and look at what you've made and look for underlying patterns and revise as needed. This is the business that King has mired himself in and is explaining. And it would seem that business is booming.

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