Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's get down to business.

Before I start, let me say I don't usually read non fiction. Ever. That's because most of the non-fiction I've tried to read is boring, dull, blank, and just plain not fun. I'd much rather stay in my fantasy world and batttle with knights, wizards, dragons, heck maybe even supercomputers bent on world domination or somesuch. And I've been like that for the majority of my life. So when I opened On Writing it was with the notion that I was going to have another excursion into that drab real world I so despise. Then I read the first three forewords. And I realized something in those few pages that made me set this book apart from other non-fiction books I'd tried to read in the past. This Stephen King guy is funny! So with my curiosity piqued, I read further into the C.V. Past some hilarious stories involving poison ivy, newspapers, and high school (the eternal joke as far as I'm concerned) the humor continues. I was amazed quite frankly, this guy makes fun of others, he makes fun of himself, he tells the good times and the bad, he uses foul language yet creates some very sentimental moments and still manages to be as candid as possible. And then I reached the end of the C.V. , much to my dismay and just as I thought the book couldn't have anymore of an effect, it did. Stephen King takes writing and transforms it from a lengthy activity to a mental construction unrivaled in its' complexity. And let's face it, that bit about books being a form of telepathy is just freaking cool. And finally Mr. King lays down a challenge, not to come to the blank page lightly, that we can do business. Well Mr. King, you have my attention. Let's get down to business.

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